Ernesto Piccolo | Colori corali

On Friday, June 10, the exhibition “Colori corali” by Ernesto Piccolo will be inaugurated at the Edarcom Europa gallery.

The idea of reserving a solo exhibition to the Master stems from the desire to celebrate a collaboration that lasts from almost fifty years. With the exhibition “Colori corali” the Edarcom Europa gallery intends to focus on the themes that have always characterized the most significant research of Ernesto Piccolo. Stylistically, the Master has consolidated a personal, unique language, based on the expressiveness of color and light. The color, vivid, vibrant and lively, gives solid and concrete shape to his compositions, lending itself as a plastic material for the construction of the volumes. Light, for its part, softens the harshness of figuration by attributing a lyrical aspect to the objects, landscapes and figures that populate his paintings.

The exhibition, curated by Francesco Ciaffi, shows thirty representative works of the last thirty years. It will be open until Saturday, July 2 at the exhibition spaces of the Edarcom gallery, in Via Macedonia 12.


EXHIBITION: Ernesto Piccolo | Colori corali
DURATION: June 10 – July 2
ADDRESS: Via Macedonia 12, Rome (San Giovanni – Appio Latino)
EXHIBITION OPENING: Friday June 10, 5:30 p.m.
EXHIBITION ENTRANCE: free entrance in compliance with current safety and hygien regulations