Sigfrido Oliva | La struttura lieve della memoria

This year the artist Sigfrido Oliva is turning eighty years old and for the occasion the Gallery Edarcom Europa is pleased to host the exhibition “La struttura lieve della memoria” (The light structure of memory). The opening will be held on Friday, February 25 at the exhibition spaces in via Macedonia 12 in Rome.

Oliva moved to Rome in 1961, where he still lives and works today. The historical center of the city, with its many domes and its incomparable views, has always been an unlimited source of inspiration. The exhibition, which covers the last 20 years of production, is composed mainly of Roman landscapes of distinct uniqueness and characterized by an immediately recognizable and diaphanous palette. Hence the intention to entitle the exhibition “La struttura lieve della memoria”, to describe the oxymoron immanent in the Artist’s works, that is to represent the eternal architectures of Rome managing to confer lightness through a wise use of light.

Borrowing the words of Enzo Siciliano: Imagination and elegy create a relationship between light and shadow. As if coming down onto the painting itself. There is a visual state of malleability in which the volumetric relationships are wrapped around you in air. The  atmosphere seems to be covered with a silver light. This craftsmanship is the breath of his poetry. The image that rises onto the canvas evokes a feeling of melting within a memory.”

The exhibition, curated by Francesco Ciaffi, is on view until March 12, 2022. Access to the exhibition will be allowed in compliance with safety regulations and therefore it will be necessary to present the Green Pass at the entrance.


EXHIBITION: Sigfrido Oliva | La struttura lieve della memoria
PERIOD: February 25 – March 12, 2022
ORGANIZATION: Galleria d’Arte Edarcom Europa
ADDRESS: Via Macedonia 12, Rome (San Giovanni – Appio Latino)
INAUGURATION EXHIBITION: Friday, February 25 5pm – 7:30pm
EXHIBITION HOURS: Monday to Saturday 10:30am/1:00pm and 3:30pm/7:30pm
EXHIBITION ENTRANCE: Show Green Pass at the entrance.
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